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There are many questions when someone first decides to produce an insignia and it is often difficult to find answers to some of the most basic questions. In order to facilitate this process we have provided a FAQ to some of the more common questions we encounter as well as a few basic guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Design Stage: We do not charge for artwork we provide. We consider this an overall part of the whole production process. We do accept any artwork, finished or rough, that you might have.


Quote: Once we have achieved the design you want, we will then provide a quote. The reason that we do not provide a quote up front is because we only charge for what you need. Many places that provide up front pricing are overcharging you.


Minimums: The minimum order amount is 50 pieces. Price breaks occur at each 100 mark up to 500 pieces. Generally we will quote from 50-500 pieces. If you require more than that please let us know.


Production: After the design has been approved for production we submit it for digitizing. The digitizing process takes about 1 week and will result in a sample that will be emailed to you. After you approve the design it goes into mass production which takes approximately 3 weeks.


Samples: Generally we will send a scan via email of the pre-production sample. For those agencies requiring a physical sample, there is a charge of $150.00 for this. Upon approval for mass production, $125.00 of this amount is credited to your order.


Payment:  50% is required when the order is submitted for production. The remaining is due when the order is completed and ready for shipping. Accepted payment methods are: 


  1.         Personal Checks (U.S. Only)

  2.         Bank Check / Money Orders (U.S. Only)

  3.         Credit Cards via Paypal®. Visit Paypal at www.paypal.com  

  4.         Agency purchase orders. 


Shipping: All orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation. A tracking number will be provided to you when the order is shipped. Shipping charges are already included in the quote.


Overruns: Generally there is a 5% (+/-) overrun on all orders. These are provided to us from our manufacturer. We use these for our production catalog book and in many instances our personal collection. Since we are collectors, we also use them as traders with established fellow collectors. This is how we are able to keep our prices low.


Miscellaneous (Production Capabilities): We can produce a wide variety of items to suit your needs including Patches, Pins, Challenge Coins, Bullion Insignia and Embroidered Apparel.


Miscellaneous (Sales to Collectors): One of the post production services we provide is to create a communication link between customers & collectors. Many insignia collectors use our website as a way of keeping up to date with new insignia. If you wish to sell to collectors direct, we can link the photo of your insignia on our catalog page with an email link to you. The only request we have is to let us know when the insignia is no longer available so we can keep our website up to date. Please visit the Collector Section to see this service 1st hand.


Miscellaneous (Pins & Challenge Coins): 

  1. Pin & Coin orders require the creation of a mold. The cost of this mold is determined by the design aspects. This is a one time charge on the first order. Subsequent orders of the same design will be less.

  2. Soft Enamel is the most popular and widely produced pin. However, further information concerning pin designs can be seen at on our Pin Page



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