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Public Safety Program


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During our time in business we have often come in contact with officers who have remarked that they would have liked to have had a more modern insignia, but their agency was unable to to due to monetary constraints. 

As a result of this we initiated a "Public Safety Insignia Program" or as many collectors refer to it the "ridding the world of stock patches".  Simply put, we help smaller public safety departments (generally 10 or less sworn officers) obtain more modern insignia.

Under this program, we will design and produce your insignia and then provide it at wholesale prices. Because of this, there is no minimum run amount and as always there is no artwork fee. 

In return, we reserve the right to sell the remaining patches to offset our costs or trade with other collectors. Because of this, we request that all participation in this program be authorized by the department or agency head on official letterhead. 

For further information regarding participation in this program, please use the link below to contact us regarding this program.






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